2019 Script Contest

Feature Script Finalists


When a masked slasher is killing counselors at a summer camp, Bartleby Grimm's Paranormal Elimination Service is hired to do what they do best: kill the monster and save the final girl. 
Once Bartleby and team arrive at the camp, they discover that what they thought was a standard teen creep case is far more complicated and dangerous. The team may be humanity's last hope, and Bartleby Grimm is keeping a secret from his friends which could destroy them all.

FLAG DAY by Brian W. Smith & Vincent Vinas

Every June 14th, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln rise from the grave to kill teens who flunk American History. A group of high schoolers, who cheat on their history exam to avoid summer school, are about to get a lesson in terror... and hilarity.

FOREVER FRIENDS by Kornblum Katz

A recently released ex-con kidnaps and tortures his best friend and best friend's husband as vengeance for his friend's perceived ingratitude.


Told over the course of five years, the lives of two utter messes of people intersect at weddings they've been invited to attend.

PERSONA by Jeffrey Howe

Years after the car crash that killed her husband and put her in a wheelchair, a black artist receives an experimental implant to make her walk again, paid for by her wealthy, white father-in-law--but to him, rehab is only a pathway to revenge.

SILHOUETTE by Lukas Hassel

A disabled mother of two fights to protect her children, not just from bullies, but from an unknown force in mirrors everywhere.


When a young woman drops out of medical school, she goes on a much-needed camping holiday with four friends in a remote part of the Florida Keys, but things turn deadly when they disturb a bizarre and terrifying creature that savagely hunts them.


After an accident leaves a scientist stranded alone at the South Pole, the ghosts of four explorers appear to help her endure the loneliness--and when she discovers she's pregnant, to help her survive the thousand mile trek across the ice to safety.


THE DEAD ENDS by Lachlan Marks

When a prank in a small town goes horribly wrong, a group of inner-city musicians find themselves trapped in the back of a truck driven by a reluctant drug mule, as a bushfire rages towards them.

THE HOUSESITTER by Suju Vijayan, story by David Palamaro

A struggling writer discovers the gruesome corpse of a once famous 1940s starlet in a decrepit house and attempts to uncover the woman’s dark past before an evil specter kills everyone connected to the investigation.

THE MOTHMAN by Jackson Murray

Small-time pro wrestler Mickey Piper undergoes an experimental procedure to treat his advancing brain damage and begins a surreal transformation into his onstage alter ego.

THE OTHER POSEIDON ADVENTURE by Jeremy Herbert & Wolf Stahl

You don’t want to be on the Floating Venus; you end up on the Floating Venus. A discount crew for a discount cruiseline, from the dishonorably discharged bartender Izzy Gordon to the morally and fiscally bankrupt Captain Steed. When a fool’s wager dumps ten tons of sewage to shave a day off the itinerary, the ancient Greek god of the sea rises from the deep and demands an apology. Unfortunately, nobody speaks ancient Greek, so he declares war on the captive ship with wave after wave of his barnacled minions. Acidic jellyfish. Giant isopods. Bigger squid. Once the distress call is sent, it’s man vs. myth on the high seas as the ship sinks, the limbs fly, and the United States Navy takes its good ol’ time saving the day. 

THE STEAGLES by Jeanie M. Clark

During World War II, the fledgling NFL struggled to keep rosters viable due to most able-bodied men serving the war effort. In a remarkable maneuver that may have avoided the demise of the entire league, Art Rooney, owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, combined his team with the Philadelphia Eagles to keep the franchises in contention, while battling internal squabbles, jealous competition, and a crisis of conscience.


A young woman and her little brother barely escape the slaughter when their Medieval Scottish fishing village is raided by Vikings - but then must risk their lives to help summon the village's ancient, reptilian guardian from its exile, at the far end of Loch Ness.

WAR OF THE LIVING DEAD by Jaysen Buterin

In the last days of a second U.S. Civil War, two soldiers race towards Armageddon – one trying to save the world and the other trying to turn it into a planet of the living dead.

Short Script Finalists

A DEAL'S A DEAL by Tom McGee

A computer hacker comes face-to-face with the vengeful spirit of the starlet whose nude sunbathing photos he leaked online.

CAVE OF TITS by Stephen Stull

Desperately obsessed with a certain female body part, a miserable drunkard finds himself making more and more desperate — and more and more self-destructive — decisions to indulge his appetite.

DELIVERY by Ryan LaPlante

Two thugs await a delivery for their boss, but when it arrives they learn they're not powerful - they're prey.


Haunted by nightmares after the drowning of her daughter, an insomniac agrees to undergo experimental hypnosis in a sensory deprivation unit.

FAME FATALE by Michael James Daly & Michelle Iannantuono

What happens when a 40 year old gay struggling actor is pushed to the brink. THE BRINK!!!

FREE SPACE by Isaac Rathbone

Two couples attend a Bingo Night with a dark, dystopian outcome.

HERO by Jason Tostevin

A tormented student sets out for school to take terrible revenge, only to stumble into a showdown when he discovers someone else had the exact same plan.


A college girl must subdue a tech addicted young girl but instead becomes a participant in a horrifying project.

INVIDIA by Vanessa Ionta Wright

A controlling mother grows jealous of the free-spirited relationship between her husband and their daughter. She goes to frightening lengths to maintain order and control in her life as she gives in to her envious notions. 

LEFT OUT by Chris Warner

When Terry discovers his boss is left-handed, he's not sure how to feel about it. How long has his boss known? Was he born that way?


At the end of his life, Jack attempts to reconcile with his daughter in hopes that she will deliver the eulogy at his funeral.

PRETENDERS by Anna Eichenaur

THAT LONG BLACK TRAIN by Travis Heermann

When two Western backpackers board an overnight train in Vietnam, they soon find the train is a living beast bound for Hell, and they must confront the ramifications of things they have done on their hell-raising vacation.

THE RIFLE by Diana Lee Woody

The town doctor has been accused of murder and the townsfolk are sure he did it. It's up to his friend, James Buckthorn, to find the true culprit and save an innocent man from the hangman's noose.

VUORWRO by Ron Riekki

The demon Vuorwro announces to a girl that she will be coming in the night to eat her entire family.

TV/Webisode Script Finalists

1099 by Hayley Simpson

An unemployed over-achiever is hired by her retired assassin neighbour to save the small town that keeps her unemployed.


A conspiracy-prone college grad convinces her two childhood friends to help prove the existence of a local legend—the Jersey Devil—but ends up discovering even more dangerous monsters along the way.

DOPPELGANGER by Mark A. Dispenza

An introverted teen forms a contentious alliance with his rival to protect a dangerous alien that replicated the deceased girl they loved, as he seeks to uncover the mysteries behind the girl’s untimely demise while evading pursuit by a secret government agency.

HAMPTONITIS by Anees Benferhat

Set in the Hamptons in 2012, and inspired by real life events and people that make up this iconic and exclusive enclave, Hamptonitis explores the crazy banalities that connect people across different socio-economic circles. 

MACABRE by Kelly L. Krause

An Army captain joins a lurid underground scene to stop a murderer targeting Asian women in 1900s San Francisco and discovers the killer is a corrupt politician with a grisly weapon ... An amphibious monster.

RETURN TO SENDER by Jasper Garner Gore

After committing a minor act of mail fraud an Australian postman is torn away from his friends, family and place in history and forced by a time-travelling delivery service to take lost objects back to their rightful place in the past to earn his passage back home.

RUST by Justin Moran

While trying to scrape a living in the asteroid belt, the members of a mining ship pick up a survivor from an old shipwreck, which launches them into a world of bounty hunters and a mammoth mining conglomerate.

SEA LEGS by Maninder Chana

A Captain, who survived the Titanic shipwreck, tries to navigate his crew and cruise ship through rough and tumble seas during the heydays of ocean liners in the 1950s.

SOL by James Fox

In the year 2242 citizen and soldier alike are plunged into a dark and violent interplanetary civil war, the scale of which is unprecedented in Human history. Desperate for survival, leaders emerge to protect their families, friends, and futures.

TRIAL BY FIRE by Dan Sullivan

When a military robotics program designed for amputee recruits is compromised mid-mission, an unproven squad is forced to cross into enemy lines to recover their lost technology and prove their innocence.

Virginia Screenwriting Award Finalists

MOONSHOT by Matthew Lucas

A world-weary homeless woman is given an opportunity to leave her violent life behind when a roguish aerospace mechanic devises a risky plan to send her to a colony on the Moon.

OUBLIETTE by William R. Coughlan

An incendiary religious leader meets with a mysterious contractor to beg a favor as his past sins gradually return to the fore.


After receiving a distress call from the point of the Neutral Zone where the Federation, Klingon Empire, and Romulan Star Empire meet, the three sides encounter a familiar enemy to Captain Kirk and the Enterprise.


BASED ON TRUE EVENTS: A P.I. with a dark past hunts a serial kidnapper through Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA, unraveling the legend of the Richmond Vampire as he does.

THE LAST WORD by Tom Sanchez Prunier

Three friends visit a fortune teller to learn the last word they'll say before they die and immediate regret the decision.